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Posted March 27, 2014

You have found the right home that meets your needs and have made an offer to purchase it. It looks great and appears to be in good condition. To make sure that it doesn’t have any material defects, you need to contact an independent Professional Licensed Home Inspector to check it out within the time frame specified by the Purchase Agreement. Your REALTOR® will probably recommend several well-qualified home inspectors. Call them, interview them, and select one as soon as possible to perform the inspection. This is a very important step in the home buying process. Don’t skip it! Don’t forget to ask the inspector to provide you with a sample Inspection Report and references. Feel free to contact Thom Culpepper if you have any questions about the scope of an inspection or what an inspector does. You can reach him on his cell: (520) 991-1717, via email at, or check out his web site

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